Kawartha Headlines and News: News Headlines with links to top stories and sources, some with our comments. We are not suggesting that all things should be bought local. Local should always be given the chance to participate and quote on Municipal projects. Municipal projects should be done based on a need and fully justified, not based on speculalion or the loudest voice. Editorials coming soon to TheCorrespondent.ca

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Council in Picton votes to extend reduction in development charges! Cost reduction; now there's a novel idea for creating jobs! "Come on Central Ontario Communities let's catch this disease - tax reduction." - 2018-02-25, Picton

PC, Dean Del Masto's Rail Service Concept: Maryam Monsef on board for rail service improvements. "Dean's good ideas and governance are not forgotten." - 2018-02-22, Peterborough

Progressive Conservative, Doug Ford, takes a shot at Jeff Leal and vows to fight the establishment. "Let the deed show" - 2018-02-22, Ontario

City claims they'll be fair! But they said they saw the airport when they bought, businesses do expand. Why does the Peterborough Tax Payer need to deal with this issue in the Township of Cavan Monaghan? Seems like the cart is before the horse again! - 2018-02-21, Peterborough

Letting Brown run for his old job. Is there an up side? The current debt and election borrowing will sink an already KO'd Ontario. - 2018-02-20, Ontario

GTA's economy soars while the rest of Ontario suffers. Smaller communities gave away clear advantages over the GTA, masters of their own destiny. When you become a "knockoff" that's exactly how you'll be perceived, similar but without the value. Think about what being a follower has done, stop whining and change things!!! - 2018-02-19, Ontario

Isn't profiling a form of discrimination? Shouldn't we look for the best , not profiling for diversity, sex, colour or race? To stay the best we need to hire the best by using only competence! - 2018-02-15, Peterborough

Patrick Brown slams CTV News reporting. Challenges accusers to press charges. - 2018-02-14, Ontario

Patrick Brown: SURPRISE, surprise! Collateral Details Faded Over Time, she wasn't underage. Sure OK!, Now find if there was a motive, please. - 2018-02-14, Ontario

Bowie Live tribute local performer Michael Bell presents at Market Hall in Peterborough.. - 2018-02-14, PTBO

Does Peterborouogh have an affordable housing crisis? It seems to this writer that we need to stop the municipality from purchasing or building residences and start subsidizing landlords. Building says the cycle of dependency will never get better and we need to have these forever. Subsidizing says as those in need work their way back into society we will subsidize less and less. It will also put the burden of management and maintenance where it belongs, on the landlords not the City or Province.
Stop the Cycle of Dependency and start the Path to Independence! Our opinion.
- 2018-02-12, PTBO / Ontario

Elected Councillors, by the people, can't view new market lease agreement .... - 2018-02-10, Peterborough

PC Leadership Ontaro 2-step verification to be used for voting, debate date announced. - 2018-02-08, Ontario / Local

Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef travels while citizenship is being cleared up. - 2018-02-07, Peterborough

Starbucks - maybe?, The more venues there are, the less time is spent in lineups idling, a buyer's market, so here's hoping! - 2018-02-06, Peterborough

Peterborough Airport, proposed 48 million over 20 years, that's 2.4 million per year, the taxes on 680 average homes or the average annual tax hike. No TAX HIKES by saying NO - enough is enough! - 2018-02-04, Peterborough

"Liberal "Results: The Real Tracker". An EYE OPENER with alleged facts! - 2018-01-21, Canada

$477,915! No competitive or local quotes! May be the reason for no new businesses and a lot of outside consultants. City doesn't trust their own, why should others? - 2018-02-02, Peterborough

Pappas, Bennett oppose new Peterborough Police station at this time - 2018-01-30, Peterborough and Kawartha

Dave Smith, Progressive Conservative candidate for Peterborough-Kawartha, praises choice of Vic Fedeli - 2018-01-28, Peterborough and Kawartha

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World News Headlines

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OAR beat Germany for gold, 4-3! Russia playing as OAR due to a ban because of past doping. Canada retains bronze in the standings. - 2018-02-25, World

India-Canada relations at 'rock bottom' "Mr. Dressup and the missus and the young 'uns donning authentic garb." Should we elect based on diveristy rather then competence? - 2018-02-23, Canada

How Putin meddles in Western democracies and why the West's response is inadequate. Russians know socialism creates a follower culture! - 2018-02-22, World

Billy Graham, 1918 - 2018 - 2018-02-21, World

Trump: Investigate the $1.7B to Iran. Fair point, game on. - 2018-02-20, USA

Will Iran be the flash point? Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov chastised Iran on Monday for calling for Israel's destruction during a panel discussion in Moscow. - 2018-02-19, World

Sports, Andrew Stoeten says: Marcus Stroman Loses His Arbitration Case, Says Some Things - 2018-02-19, Canada

The NDP knows what it stands for ...... and Canada remembers the NDP as the opposition and Ontario remembers Rae Days! - 2018-02-19, Canada

If you haven't heard of Anthony Pellicano you should. To be released from prison on March 22, 2019 a man of intrigue, crime, honour and what "could" be the most explosive expose of Politics plus Hollywood - 2018-02-15, World

Russian Fake Media? Kremlin urges media not to rely on misinformation on developments in Syria. - 2018-02-14, Russia

Peeling back the layers, an interesting take on what is happening in the USA. It might be a warning to all when we elect those who are free with our money and our morals. To be fair I read FOX, CNN, NY Post and the NY Times among a dozen others to get a good cross section and the article I lead you to here hits the high points. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke - 2018-02-12, USA

Plane Crash just outside of Moscow all 71 onboard feared dead - 2018-02-11, Russia

Mideast Clash Israel Downs Iranian Drone, Strikes Syria; F-16 Crashes - 2018-02-10, Mideast

Startman to Mars Tesla Roadster headed to asteroid belt - 2018-02-08, USA / World

Trump hater Schiff apparently pranked by Russian radio hosts . - 2018-02-07, USA / World

SpaceX Falcon Heavy, successful lauch. - 2018-02-06, USA

Winter Olympics workers hit with vomiting illness; military personnel called in for backup - 2018-02-06, World

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Important Issues

Peterborough Mayor claims political discussion is polarized - 2018-01-09, PTBO
The following Councilors voted (6 to 5) to sell Peterborough Electric Services to Ontario Hydro: Darrell Bennett, Dan McWilliams, Andrew Beamer, Henry Clarke, Lesley Parnell and Dave Haacke. This same group also voted against the wishes of the people and voted to continue the Parkway (6 to 5). Major projects should be held till Municipal election time so all can have their input.
If you don't believe in coincidence, the two projects each approach the hundred million dollar range. Selling one "could" pay for building the other. The airport "could" eat up another three million taxpayer dollars in 2018,
Polarization is expensive, when the ones holding the purse are polarized. This could be one of the reasons why new industry can't be attracted here. Where are the competitive quotes for services we were told about?
Our Opinion! Your Vote! Your Choice! JS