Agents ~ The short short story

It's not a trip, it's a journey! All will come together! Those who join us early (free) will enjoy discounted pricing later!

1. The 12 ads, at the top of the 5 home pages, will be free until sometime in the future. These ads are only open to agents who can demonstrate a history of consistent use of advertising.
2. The Listing magazine will be free for sometime into the future.
3. All websites are geo-targeted to ensure ads reach an appropriate audience.
4. We will not charge until our concept has proven to be productive.
5. When we do charge, it will be fair market value, not the maximum that the market will bear. We will work to ensure both sides are comfortable with the number we decide on.
6. We are looking at a two-year growth period. Like any new business, it takes time. Charging may occur earlier, but only if we are comfortable with the numbers driven by targeted traffic.

Here's the deal:

Ad positioning will be determined on a first come first served basis. When we begin to charge, the position you were in on the free run will be your position until you cancel. The only time it will change is if someone above you drops out and we move all ads up. In other words, your position will always get better, never lower, and new arrivals start on the bottom rung.

When it's time to charge you will be given a minimum of 30 days notice to decide if you wish to pay or leave. Our success depends on you and hopefully you will learn to depend on us to further your current success.

We have considered auctioning spots on a month to month basis, but feel that would be cumbersome for all and would break the continuity of the site and your marketing efforts.
Physical property listing pages, which are yet to be developed, will be first come first served as well. We will consider a permanent block of pages on a long term agreement.

Why Real Estate? Why not?

The Internet matures more each day. Ad blockers are now ubiquitous as users have become tired of ads. This will affect all markets, bar none. Layoffs in the Internet Industry is testimony to the problem. Former giants are now in the midst of layoffs by the tens of thousands. Don't take my word for it, look around.

The way to navigate this new world is my dilemma as well. Clicks on web ads have dried up, and the effort is no longer worth the time. Hence the idea of regional ads, with a strong emphasis on local. In Central Ontario we are in a good position. Many new homes are being, and have been built in the last few years. Currently, Lily Lake Road in the Peterborough area is developing thousands. This is being repeated all around Central Ontario.

That's the reason I feel like this is such an area of potential that is being overlooked and under-served by what has become a more globally-focused internet, and why I believe that by coming together we can grow a powerful tool for your business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Be proactive, send us an email on the form below or at email.

John Stoeten ~ ~ ( ~ ~

January 31 - we started working on the Online Listing Area, plan to complete in March.
We'll make it full service, you send us the photo(s) and the text, we'll create the ads.
You can send a link to your existing ads, we'll go get it, but you must state, for every such ad, "I own or have permission to download and use this ad".

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